Grand Chancellor time lapse movie

Using the SHF web cam, the following time lapse movie of the Grand Chancellor Hotel being demolitioned has been produced.
As progress continues, updated movies will be created and displayed on this page.

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The Grand Chancellor Hotel
Images captured from 13 Nov 2011 - 20 Dec 2011

Why is the movie "shakey"?
The camera used to create this time lapse movie is a Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera - it moves. Every 10 minutes it takes photos of different views around Christchurch, including the Grand Chancellor Hotel and displays them on the Christchurch web cam page. This movie has been created from those 10 minute interval images of the hotel.
Because the hotel is 6.3km away, the highly precise camera uses a significant amount of zoom to capture the hotel in detail. That zoom is greater than that of most binoculars. The horizontal angle of view is less than 3 degress.
As it moves to the position required to capture the view of the Grand Chancellor at 10 minute intervals, it may not come back to exactly the same mechanical location for each image. That change in view is so small that something as insignificant as the temperature of the building the camera is mounted on can have an affect on exactly where it points.